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Special Offers

Custom Computers

Great for gaming and high performance need. Get what you really need with a custom computer. Some of the benifits of getting a custom computer is Flexible case designs, Stronger power supplies,Higher quality parts, and Upgrade whenever you want.

Computer Does't Turn on?

If your computer doesnt turn on it can be very frustrating. Problems like this usually happen when you mostly need the computer like when the kids are back to school, when you need to pay bills, or when your trying to buy those event tickets you have been waiting to get for months.

LCD and LED Repair

LCD and LED Repairs for any brand and size laptop screen. If your screen cracked on your laptop you need to get it replaced not only because you wont be able to see what your doing, but also because it doesnt give you a professional look. A screen replacement can't be cheaprer than you think.

Data Recovery

Have you ever had to finish a paper, turn in a report your started on, or had a hard drive crash? We can recover your lost data even if the hard drive was formatted. If your computer doesn't work we can recover your information, fix your computer, and even assist you on preventing this issue again.

Technical Support

We can assist you over the phone, remotely, or on site with any technical difficulties you may run into. Sometimes you may run into an issue and not know what to do at the very moment and get angry or not know what to do right away to avoid further problems.

Virus Removal

While online you can get your computer infected with viruses that can take over your computer, so make sure you get them removed before is to late. Sometimes the virus will not be noticeable until is to late. Viruses can not only take over your computer, but it can also get access to your personal information.